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Pardon My Dust

My blog site has been a bit “wonky” lately. Perhaps you received a half-baked post never intended for prime time, or you see photos appearing in strange places. The fact is, I’m working on a new website design with features I think you’ll love.

Meanwhile, I’m discovering that a lot of mischief has been going on in cyberspace over the past 10 years. So, pardon my dust! 

Pardon My Dust

Yes! It’s been almost 10 years that the Barefoot Blogger has been footloose in France. Some of you have been here through it all.

Together we discovered Uzès. We’ve been tangled in French bureaucracy–  from applying for a carte de séjour to getting it renewed again and again. We’ve rented apartments and struggled through the French driver’s license fiasco. We’ve experienced the  French healthcare system and so much more.

Including lots of fun stuff

With all this behind us, the redesign of the website should be a breeze. But … as you know, things in my world are not always as simple as they seem.

Thank you for hanging around with me. Stay tuned… 

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