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Village Scenes in Uzes: Place aux Herbes on a Summer Day

Place aux Herbes

French lessons are taking over my life. My quest to learn the language well enough to speak French by December is keeping my feet planted in Uzès for a while. And my favorite place, the Place aux Herbes. 

There could be worse places to spend time, right? Here are some of the sights that are typical — and some not so likely —  this time of year.  The scene: the center of the village — the Place aux Herbes.

Place des Herbes


This is the vibrant meeting spot where the rhythm of Uzès’ daily life unfolds. It transforms from a bustling market on Saturday and Wednesdays mornings, with vendors’ stalls of fresh produce and local goods, to a quieter, restful space in the afternoons.

Place aux Herbes A musician plays for tips


Cafés line its edges, and friends gather to enjoy various samplings of south of France foods. Laughter and chatter fill the air.  In the evenings, the plaza is relaxed.  Soft lights  cast a warm glow while locals and tourists alike enjoy the atmosphere, often accompanied by live music.

The Place aux Herbes is, indeed, the essence of Uzès. It’s the space where the community thrives. 


Place aux Herbes

Place aux Herbes
Cyclists stroll through the streets


More musicians are scattered throughout the public places More musicians are scattered throughout the public places


Musician in Uzes

Place aux Herbes


Families and pets stroll happily along. Families and pets stroll happily along.


Sometimes there’s the unexpected ….

Cyclists in Uzes

Cycles in Uzes


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