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Where in the World is the Barefoot Blogger?

I’ve been slack writing posts and I apologize. Those who follow the Barefoot Blogger on social media know I’m back in the US for awhile. Rejuvenating!

I returned to the States in October because I needed to attend to some family matters. Mostly, I’ve been working with my son. He needed some extra hands with his new business.

How lucky am I that my son is in the med/spa business?


A new adventure. Rejuvenation! 

I’m learning all about the latest anti-aging and rejuvenation procedures. It’s simply amazing what a little technology can do! 

The new rage is non-surgical treatments that “interrupt” the skin’s surface so that the body’s own collagen will kick in and grow healthy new cells. The process at Spa Sydell includes layering serum with growth hormones on the face after the treatment. Basically, it’s supposed to trick your system into thinking you’re young again.

Here’s what I’ve experienced lately. It’s called an Erbium Pixel laser treatment. With numbing cream, it’s not too painful at all. Never mind the little puffs of smoke. It’s a good thing!

Rejuvenating tricks 

One of the secrets to a successful rejuvenation treatment is the after care. A recovery mask with another dose of growth serum does the trick. Is it worth it?

Is it just vanity? Here’s my take on all this. We all strive to live healthy lives. We watch the foods we eat, we exercise, and we fix our body parts when they wear out. Why not care for our skin and our complexion? If it makes you happy and it hurts no one, I’m all for it!

Remember the spa visit in France with my friend Nevenka? This takes me back… to a kinder, gentler rejuvenation … 

Tour and a Cure: A French Thermal Spa Experience

Happy Holidays!

Thinking of all of you during the holiday season and I’m wishing you health and happiness. See you back in France before too long.

Meanwhile, enjoy the memories of holidays not too long ago…





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