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On the Road Again

Time to think seriously about my return to France.

A bout with shingles, the birth of a first grand-baby, and many happenings that would make great stories to share have kept me busy the last few months. But since most of you joined the adventures of the Barefoot Blogger to travel and learn about France, my US tales will go on the back burner for now.

I wonder if life will be like I left it. I was fortunate to rent out my apartment to a friend who tried to keep me informed. Sadly for her, Geoffrey was not well during most of my leave and spent much of the time in and out of the hospital.

Indeed there’s a story or two there waiting for me to discover. I know a few chickens, ducks, and rabbits now reside in his fenced garden.

I’m checking out airfares for the best deals. A flight through London might be the cheapest way to return to France, then take a “pond jumper” to Nimes.

Besides, it’s time for a trip back to London. I’d like to drop by Buckingham Palace to congratulate the Queen. Now that we’re both new grandmothers, we have much to discuss.

A lineup of friends will visit Uzes starting in early May. I can’t wait to show them around and explore myself more. So much to do! So much to see!


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  1. Hey Debby Good to hear you are on the way back! I have my itinerary almost planned; April 30-May5 – Montpellier at May 5-May 7 – Carcassonne at May7-May10 – Caunes Minervois (3 nts for price of 2) – I saw something about Caunes Minervois and have had a hankering to see it and explore the Minervois. If you will be back, I would love to come see you May 10-12 and then go to Paris May 12-14. I leave for US on May14. No problem if you are not back, I have my eyes on an apartment from the 10-14th. I’ll be getting a car in Carcassonne for my trek through the Minervois – come join me if you’d like a road trip! I can drop it in Nimes. Hope you have recovered from your shingles bout and have held your absolutely beautiful grandson. Best, Paula  


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