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Why Do We Think France Is So Romantic?

Why do we think France is romantic?

Is it because of glamorous and exquisite French movie stars like Catherine DeneuveBrigitte Bardot, Louis Jourdan, Gérard Depardieu, Charles Boyer that we think France is romantic? Even  Maurice Chevalier?  

Or because movies like “A Man and a Woman” with Anouk AiméeThe English Patient and Chocolat with Juliette Binoche; and Amelie with Audrey Tautoo are imprinted on our hearts?

Perhaps we think of “love” and “France” because of the romantic cities 



… and fairytale palaces

The castles


The storybook villages…



Then there’s the art …

France is romantic


… the food 

Let’s not forget, champagne — the elixir of lovers — and it comes only from France

France is romantic

If there was a poll for the “World’s Most Romantic Country” and you could cast only one vote. Which place would you choose? 

I’d choose “France.” 

… and seal it with a kiss …

France is romantic

“The Kiss” by Rodin

For a closer look at the castles, chateaus and villages of France, click here and enjoy browsing! 

France is romantic


Why Do I Love France?

Why do I love France? That’s a question I’m asked by those who wonder why, after four years, I’m still here.

A French Collection asked five bloggers who write about France, including moi, “Why do you love France?” After reading each response, perhaps you’ll understand how we feel and why we’re so anxious to share this wonderful place with the world.

Why do you love France? 

Maybe it’s the romantic appeal of beautiful towns and villages, the proud French people and their traditions, mouth-watering food, historical buildings and gardens,  priceless art or diverse landscapes?  Or maybe its simply the appeal of sunshine, long lunches and a carefree life.

Everyone’s love affair with France starts differently and to showcase that I asked my five favourite French bloggers/writers to share with us what they love most about France and how they share their passion with others.  You’ll see they share their love of France through publishing magazines, writing books, leading tour groups, running gîtes and online shops.  Each story is different and engaging.

You will be fascinated at how their love affair of France has changed their work and personal lives.  So let’s meet them and read what each has to say

Love france

…(read more)





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