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More Alike Than Different

Whether in the south of France, or south in the USA, we all love an art festival.

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Dogwood Festival in Atlanta Georgia

Dogwood Festival in Atlanta Geo

Last weekend was the 79th Annual Dogwood Festival in Atlanta, Georgia. There, among thousands of art lovers and onlookers, I was struck by how much the event reminded me of a Saturday Market in France. Especially now that tourists must be arriving.


Imaginative and real-life paintings 

Pottery galore 

Strange and beautiful glass sculptures, flowers and things made of wood 

Lots of favorite foods from the South and beyond

Like in France, funnel cakes are a crowd pleaser

… and “straight from France” …

There is entertainment for kids 


… and ducks 


Body oils and scrubs with hot butter grits!??!

My favorite “best of show” was a creation called “Fair Hair” beautifully modeled below.

When I asked the young ladies and their parents if I could take their picture for a blog about France, they were thrilled.

“We’re going to be famous!” I heard them say as they walked away. 

So, now that you’ve spent the day seeing Atlanta’s take on art festivals, what do you think? Are we more alike? or Different? 


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local artists in Uzes

Village Scenes in Uzes: One Crazy Good Artist

Last Saturday afternoon one of the local artists in Uzes threw a soiree for a few friends and fans.

Aside from celebrating the last days of his art exhibit, it was a crazy good party.

local artists in Uzes

Artist dancing in the street

A Crazy Good Art Show

local artists in Uzes


local artists in Uzes

“Rencontre Urbaine”

local artists in Uzes

local artists in Uzes

Le Mariage Pourtous

Good Food

local artists in Uzes

Fresh oysters and shrimp from the Saturday Market, pate, aubergine, saucisse (sausage), fromage (cheese) and pain (bread).

Funky Music

local artists in Uzes

New friends

local artists in Uzes

… and one crazy artist dancing in the street

local artists in Uzes

Francois Lewandrowski

This is how they do art shows in Uzes!

Wonder why I love it here???

Oh yes, almost forgot … and a piano tuner in the steet!

local artists in Uzes

Check out the artwork of  Francois Lewandrowski an other artist on Uzes: Village of Artists post.



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