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The Simple Ways Tourists Make the Best of Hot Weather in Uzes

For days the temperature has hovered around the ninety degree mark in Uzes. Next week, they say, it’ll hit ninety-nine.

For those who live in hot-weather areas around the world, ninety degrees is not so bad for summer. In France, when it’s this hot, it breaks records.

Century-old buildings with thick walls help to insulate homes and businesses from the intense heat, so air conditioning is scarce. There are some tried and true ways the French try to keep their indoor spaces cooler.

They shutter windows.

They turn on all the fans. 


They water the plants and close windows in the early morning.

Closed window in apartment

Closed window in apartment


Store owners know to take afternoon breaks and enjoy a cool beverage 

Store owners in Uzes

Store owners in Uzes

Yes, the French have ways to cope with the heat. But what about the tourists who are out in droves? How do they deal with it when it’s really hot?

They line up for ice cream. 








They hang out at Place aux Herbes eating ice cream. 

Fountain at Place aux Herbes, Uzes

Fountain at Place aux Herbes, Uzes

They sit around outdoor fans that blow cool mist.




They enjoy people-watching with friends while sipping on cool beverages.


They look for water fountains where they can play.


Tourists seem to love to shop when it’s hot.  It’s often cooler on the inside of a store than it is on the streets.

Tourist shopping in Uzes

Tourist shopping in Uzes


There are plenty of irresistible things to buy .. and a sale going on!



Some tourists patiently wait on others who are shopping.



On the other hand, some tourists who wait are not so patient.


What does the Barefoot Blogger do when it’s hot?

I “play” at one of my favorite stores.


… and eat raspberry sorbet!


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