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Welcome to Nice

Memories Tour. Here We Go Again.

Yesterday I left for Nice from Uzès for the 2019 Memories Tour of the south of France. Patricia Sands beat me there by a day after spending a few days in Paris with friends joining our tour.

2019 Memories Tour

Patricia Sands, best-selling author “Love in Provence” series

I’m looking forward to meeting my new friends, but a bit anxious because of the not-so-good memory of falling and breaking myself last year.

Yes, it’s the anniversary of my accident in Aigues Mortes where I broke my arm, shoulder, and hip. The tour was in its eight day. I’m not going to dwell on the details, or the thought of it now. But you won’t hear me refer to this year’s adventure as a “trip.” I intend to stay upright.

2019 Memories Tour

View from the Promenade in Nice

2019 Memories Tour

The eighteen ladies in this year’s excursion are joining us from places around the US and Canada. We are based in Nice for the first few days where we’ll sightsee around Nice, Antibes and the scenic coastline of the Côté d’Azur. Then we move to Arles to experience a totally different part of Provence, and to travel into the Languedoc region, now called “Occitanie.”

2019 Memories Tout

Patricia Sands, Nancy McGee (tour planner Absolutely Southern France) and the Barefoot Blogger acting up in Nice

Join us as I post the highlights of the tour from day to day.

2019 Memories Tour

Requisite Aperol Spritz to start every special occasion in the south of France


2019 Memories Tour

Niçoise Salade: the salad specialty of Nice. Of course it’s my first meal!



A wedding sighting in the streets of Vieux Nice


2019 Memories Tour

Mussels in garlic butter and parsley… another treat from Nice and Côté d’Azur

Memories Of The South Of France You Promised Yourself 2019

Aix-en-Provence in One Day

It’s surprising to me that when people come to Provence their tours are often so short. Traveling from the Côte d’ Azur to Marseilles, to Aix-en-Provence, to Montpelier, to St. Rémy, to the Luberon, to Avignon, and all the quaint villages in between is a pretty tall order.

One destination that seems to be on everyone’s travel list is Aix-en-Provence. Simply known as “Aix,” the city has a bit of everything that makes Provence special: history, art, amazing architecture and charming Provençal markets.

Aix in one day

What if you had only one day in Aix-en-Provence? That was our challenge when planning this year’s South of France Memories Tour.

Aix in One Day: The Market

Market days in Aix-en-Provence are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Our Memories Tour visited Aix on a Saturday. The market, as expected, was packed. Fortunately, the wide avenue that cuts through Aix, Le Cours Mirabeau, easily accommodates large crowds of tourists, vendors and traffic. It’s seen more than its share since the seventeenth century road was built where the medieval ramparts once lay.

Aix in one day

Food markets, flower stalls and vendors with traditional and new Provençal merchandise filled popular downtown streets and plazas.

Aix in one day

The day we visited, the area was more congested than usual due to road construction. Torn up streets are not uncommon in cities with a growing population like Aix. Whenever roads are ripped up for repair or expansion, often ancient ruins are unearthed. All construction work stops until special teams of archeologists come in to access the findings. After all, a Roman city once stood and prospered here two thousand years ago.

Aix in One Day: Cézanne

Aix in one day

A “must” for a one day visit to Aix-en-Provence is a stroll through town along the footsteps of Cézanne. Square metal medallions literally mark the way.

A two-hour tour along the marked path with our brilliant guide Jennifer gave us an overview of the life of Paul Cézanne: the places he frequented around town: his father’s millinery store, his favorite cafe; and the neighborhood where he lived.

Aix in one day

Cézanne’s work spanned more than forty years, from roughly 1860 to 1906. He produced more than 900 paintings and 400 watercolors, some which were never finished.

Picasso said of Cézanne, “he’s the father of us all.

Interestingly, there are only a few of Cézanne’s art works in Aix. Or anywhere else in France for that matter. Cézanne was rejected personally and artistically by the art communities in Paris and in Aix. Towards the end of his life he was “discovered” by the Germans and Americans. Most of his work can be found in the great museums and galleries in those countries.

Aix in one day

Obsessed with Montagne Sainte-Victoire. Cézanne painted the mountain near Aix more than eighty times.

Cézanne is said to have inspired cubism.

Aix in one day

Two hours is hardly enough to explore all the life of Cézanne in Aix, but it was a start. Another day, another reason to visit …

Aix in One Day: Tourist Train

As the Barefoot Blogger suggests for first-time visits to a city, a hop-on-hop-off bus or tour train is a great way to get an overview.

It’s an especially good idea in Aix where landmarks can be obscure and far away from each other.

Aix in one day

During our one day visit to Aix, Memories Tour co-leader Patricia Sands and I carved out time to do what we love most: shop, eat and drink! I must come back, indeed.

Aix in one day

South of France Memories Tour 2018

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Day 7: A Perfect Day Trip to Sete: Gourmet Tour and Oyster Farming

Day 8: Memories tour/18 ~ Day 8 ~ Arles

Day 9: Memories Tour/18 ~ Day 9

Day 10: Memories tour/18 ~ Day 10 – St. Rèmy and Les Baux de Provence

Day 11: Memories tour/18 ~ Day 11(part 1) – Pont du Gard and San Quentin la Poterie

Day 11: Memories tour/18 – Day 11, part 2 – Uzés

Day 12: Memories tour/18 ~ day 12 – Wine Harvest

Memories Tour Interrupted




Aix in one day

The Feria’s in Nimes. Let the Party Begin!

Enough reminiscing. Fast forward to this weekend in Nimes. The ancient Roman city in the south of France is going to party like it’s 2016!

One of the most exciting events in the Languedoc region of France is coming up Pentecost weekend (May 12-16) in Nimes. The Pentecost Feria brings Bulls, toreros, herdsmen from the Camargue, and tens of thousands of jubilant spectators to the once-Roman town of Nimes and its Arena.

Nimes Feria

Celebrated since 1952, the Pentecost Feria has become a wildly popular festival for people of all ages. There’s dancing in the streets and all types of merry-making throughout the festival, including parades and abrivados (bulls running in the street).

Feria in Nimes

Ferias are by far one of my favorite things to do since moving to France. While fighting bulls might not be for everyone, there is much more to the nearly week-long event. If you like brass bands, horses, paella, Spanish dancing and all the fanfare, it’s all at the Feria.

Nimes Feria
If you want to experience a bullfight, join the crowd. This part of France is one of the few places in the world where the tradition of the Feria, with all its pomp and ceremony, still exists.

Feria NimesExhibitions are held in the various museums during the feria, including the Museum of Taurine Cultures. Art galleries are filled with images and sculptures of toros and toreadors.

Nimes Feria

Nimes Feria

Food vendors and bars line the streets with wine, beer and pastis — one of the south of France’s famed drinks.


This is by far the most important of the two Nimes ferias that are celebrated each year. If you are anywhere in the vicinity, head that way. It promises to be a party for all!





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