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Summer Concert in Nîmes' ancient arena

Summer in Nîmes’ Ancient Arena. Nîmes Rocks!

Elton John is in Nîmes tonight. He’s just one of the stars showing up for a concert this summer in Nîmes’ ancient arena. 

Last year I saw Sting in the arena. It was more than magical. Imagine watching and listening to a 21st century rock idol in a 1st century coliseum. There’s no doubt, the French love him. What a night!

Join me as I reminisce …

Summer in Nîmes

Want to know more about Nîmes and the Roman history behind its stone walls and majestic architecture?

Why is Nimes a “must see” for Roman history lovers? Because it’s a city where you can literally see, touch and experience Roman life in France during the days of the Roman Empire.

France has so many amazing places to visit it’s hard to decide where to start. If you’re a Roman history buff, you must visit Nimes to learn about Roman life in France. Unlike other places with rich Roman history that are now in ruins, there are many artifacts from Augustus Caesar’s time that are in active use still today.

In Nimes you can walk on the same streets, into the same buildings … literally sit in the same seats as the Romans who once occupied this part of Gaul.

Visiting Nimes is more that seeing “remnants” of a Roman civilization. There are intact, still-standing Roman structures. A Roman temple, a Roman arena, a Roman tower. Places that are enjoyed now by real, 21st century people.

Read on here …  Why Nimes is a “Must See” for Roman History Lovers


Uzès Summer Events

What’s Happening in Uzès? Summer Events 2018

Planning a visit to Uzès? Here are some of the Uzès summer events you’ll want to put on your calendar.

The Tourist Office of Pays d’Uzès – Pont du Gard has asked the Barefoot Blogger to help promote Uzès summer events to English-speaking visitors to our area. I’m so happy to oblige. You know it’s my favorite place!

  • To see all pages of the attached brochures, click on the image title and/or caption to reveal the pdf.
  • To translate to English, copy the section of content you wish to read, then paste into Google Translate. Voila! French to English.
  • To keep up with Uzès events on a regular basis, join us on Barefoot Uzes on FaceBook. It’s a group forum where you can ask questions about where to stay, what to see … even where to find a plumber! 

Uzès Summer Events

Uzès Summer Calendar

Uzès Summer Events

Rendez-Vous Uzès Group Tours – Guided Tours

Uzès summer eventsRendez-Vous Uzès



Thursday, 26th of July

Friday, 17th of August 

Visit the historical centre with a guide in English and discover a history full of events and the historical mansions of the aristocratic families.

Meeting point at 10:15 am at the Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard Tourist office in Uzès center. (Duration 2 hours)

Rates:6€/4€ Information:+33(0)466226888


Uzès Summer Events

 Balades Vigneronnes” Guided Tours + Tasting in the Vineyards

Uzès summer events“Balades Vigneronnes” Guided Tours + Tasting in the Vineyards


Uzès Summer Events

Haras “Les Peuples Cavaliers”


Uzès Summer Events

Mondays at the Tourist Office in Uzès 

Morning : Welcoming breakfast for new tourists in Uzès

Afternoon : Welcoming snack for new tourists in Remoulins

Uzès summer events

Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard Tourist Office Service Area

Uzès summer events


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