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How to Make Travel Planning Smarter, Easier and More Fun

As a frequent traveler, I’m always interested in ideas that can help make travel planning and sightseeing easier and more fun. So when I was asked to try out the new TripScout Travel app, I jumped at it. That is, after I found out TripScout is my travel guru son’s “go to” travel  app.

After I tried it out myself, TripScout made me an offer I couldn’t refuse — ask Barefoot Blogger followers to Test Drive TripScout for FREE. 

For my test drive, I chose Barcelona. It’s a city I’ve visited that I’d like to get to know better. While I’ll admit I was not on the streets of Barcelona when I tried out the TripScout Travel App. It’s easy to see how it can help me get around next time I go.  I’ll know the neighborhoods to head for if I want a big choice of restaurants. Museums and famous landmarks are easy to spot and find. I really like the fact that when I pick something of interest, a navigation screen appears to show me the way. I can add my own special places by “dropping a pin.”

TripScout Travel App is a simple, smart and easy app you can load on your mobile phone and go! No more lugging around travel books, maps and walking in circles.

The in-depth focus on places of interest is perfect for me. Lots of stuff I want know about the history and background of a site is right at my fingertips — without Googling! Admittedly, there are limited places in France to download– Paris only. That’s where you come in. Request a city that TripScout might choose to include on an update. The app’s changing and improving all the time.

TripScout Travel App‘s just being launched. So far the reviews are impressive.

“TripScout Is Our New Favorite Walking Tour App” 

Test Drive TripScout

“In 2017 TripScout Will Make Travel Easier But Just As Exciting”

Test Drive TripScout

“Finally, a travel app that’s purposefully, blissfully simple”

Test Drive TripScout

Test Drive TripScout Travel App for FREE

Here’s all you do…

  1. Download the app on your smartphone
  2. Choose your destination carefully. Your FREE Test Drive is for one city only. 
  3. Use the code “barefoot” to enter the site
  4. Explore!
  5. Answer the few questions on the poll  (this is optional but your feedback is greatly appreciated)


How Do You Currently Plan for Trips?
What Feature(s) Do You Find the Most Valuable?
What French Cities Would You Add?
How Likely Are You To Recommend TripScout to Others?


Test Drive TripScout



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  1. Thank you for sharing and the 1 free country. I’m testing London and requested Lisbon as well. It’s a wonderful app and I’m looking forward to following their Facebook travel page as well. Thank you again Deborah!

    • Their FaceBook page is worth its weight in gold. I should have mentioned it. Thanks so much for your notes!

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