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The Fête Votive Finale: Bulls, Belles, Bands and Bubbles.

Summer’s Best Fête

Another Uzès Fête Votive has come to a successful end. Although the weather could have been better for some of the events, the spirit of the crowd was hardly dampened.

Final days and nights of the annual festival were filled with the  more bulls, horses, men and young boys and girls running through the streets.While the opportunity for disaster was always possible with the huge animals galloping down the crowded road, it was amazing how there were no injuries to man or beast. It makes me wonder about the running of the bulls in Pamplona. Is it tamer than we think? If so, would it draw the crowds?

Bulls in Uzes


Uzès Fête Votive

Saying I was in the middle of the road waiting for the bulls to rush at me, it’s not a joke. Guess it was fool’s luck that there wasn’t a wayward bull that pulled away from the herd. Has this given me the courage for Pamplona next year?

Only time will tell.

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Uzès Fête Votive: Memorable moments

Attending all the Fete Votive activities would have been difficult for anyone. I squeezed many as possible. As you may recall,  my top priority is to LEARN FRENCH by December. That means I have lessons almost everyday

That said, my favorite events were the crowd scenes — the running of the bulls, the parades, and the brass bands that appeared  almost everywhere you’d go around the village.

Brass Band in the Street






Brass Bands on the sidewalks. Brass Bands on the sidewalks.


More brass bands in the street More brass bands in the street


People cheering the brass bands People cheering the brass bands





      Brass bands playing in your ear.

2014-08-03 13.16.13



Brass bands heading for the watering hole. Brass bands heading for the watering hole.






The crowds The crowds



The flashback to early times in Uzes The flashback to early times in Uzes



The artists The artists


The art



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The little girl blowing bubbles


2014-08-03 19.21.07
2014-08-03 20.11.28

                 The welcomed cleanup





It takes a whole village




… and the best part?

It comes again next year!






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  1. What a wonderful time!! But really, standing out, waiting for the bulls? I woulda been there with you, but standing in an alcove! 😜

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