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Please “Do Not Return”

Please “Do Not Return”
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The Barefoot Blogger has an apology to make. When I was giving hints about moving to France and getting rid of stuff, the rest of the story hadn’t played out.

(Why did you move to France?)

Now that I’ve been back in the States visiting, there’s another lesson:

Don’t stay so long on your return that your kids start giving your stuff back!

Returned "stuff"

Returned “stuff”


Longeberger Baskets, anyone?

Longeberger Baskets, anyone?


Now, where does it all go? Here’s the last view of my warehouse storage.

I’m keeping this because ????




2015-03-10 08.45.51

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  1. And I thought I was a pack-rat! But collecting things in France is so much fun I might have to have a good clear out before I leave KSA
    Hope to see you soon?


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