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10 Things That Are “Just So French”

When one of my long-time friends visited Uzès, she’d often say: “That’s just so French!”

From fashions in boutique shops to foods at the market, there’s much to learn about the people and the French way of life. Here are 10 things you’ll find in France, especially in the south.  Can you name more?


french fashion

Bobo fashion exudes an effortlessly chic and bohemian vibe



Cheeses from France are renowned for their diverse flavors, rich textures, and centuries of artisanal craftsmanship.



Decanter wine and lace

Lace curtains were popular in France during the 17th century among the aristocracy and the wealthy. The popularity of lace curtains spread, and they are an element of French interior design that continues to be appreciated today.



Beaujolais Nouveau

Beaujolais Nouveau is a French red wine eagerly anticipated each year when it is released on the third Thursday of November. The French celebrate the harvest wherever they are!


Even the market lady exudes the charm of Franch with her flower hat




Escargot, a classic French dish of snails cooked in garlic butter, reflects French cuisine’s rich and traditional flavors.



just so french

The distinct aroma of Lavender captures the essence of Provence and the region’s  charm,


Cats on windowsills

Cats on windowsills have become an endearing and iconic sight, embodying the essence of a relaxed everyday life.



Crème fraîche is a smooth and slightly tangy dairy product that adds a creamy touch to sweet or savory dishes.



just so frenchsongstress

Female singers at the market square have a unique ability to captivate bystanders, especially when they sing “La Vie en Rose.”


Whether it’s their art, wine, or just how they say “Bonjour,” something about the French makes us love every moment we’re there. They have mastered the art of living life with a sense of style and sophistication that’s simple and elegant. They value quality over quantity and take time to savor life’s moments. They embrace a slower pace.

Overall, it’s a lifestyle that finds beauty in the moment.

Viva la Difference. Viva la France!





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  1. I’ve eater escargot but they do kind of weird me out. Now, on the other hand, La Vie En Rose looks like a good reason to visit France.

  2. You’ve hit just about all my favorite things. Although I quit smoking almost 40 years ago, I still have the urge to pick one up when I’m in France. Despite all the Défense de Fumer, they still love their cigarettes.

    How are the French lessons coming?

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