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A Cure for Lockdown Boredom

Looking for a cure for lockdown boredom? Here’s a way to spend a few hours — or a lifetime. Try an art project inspired by Brazilian-American artist Vik Muniz.

You probably have all the materials at hand that you need to create a modern masterpiece. At least that’s what my 6-year old grandson thinks. He’s busily working away with his miniature set of sea animals and colorful dinosaurs. They are covering the floor to the family room, much to the dismay of my daughter-in-law.

Who am I to discourage a budding Leonardo?

We certainly have enough peanut butter and jelly to create a Mona Lisa.

Lockdown Boredom? …A grain of sand, a garbage dump, a chromosome, peanut butter, and jelly. An artist can find inspiration in obscure objects that others cannot even imagine… Muniz takes inspiration from land art such as  “Spiral Jetty” by artist Robert Smithton. In his work, Smithton creates images made from large-as-life-sized objects such as garbage.  Drawings are “carved” by bulldozers in vast landscapes and photographed from above by helicopter. Muniz’s other works include Warhol-like images of Che Guevara and Frankenstein.

You should see what he composes from microscopic liver cells!

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    • We’re either getting creative or going crazy with all this new time on our hands. Hope you’re finding ways to cope, too. Would love to hear!

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