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Introducing a New Blog for Travel-Hungry Readers:

Three years ago I started writing the Barefoot Blogger. It was intended as a “letter home” to friends and family about my new life as an expat in France. It was meant to record, with stories and pictures, the events and emotions that were becoming my new reality.

To my delight, others found the blog and began to follow my adventures as a solo female in France who speaks no French. Like me, blog followers were — and still are, thank you! –curious about the country of chateaus and champagne.

Today I am launching a new blog for travel-hungry readers. Barefoot Blogger World
Barefoot Blogger World is an extension of the Barefoot Blogger. But the events take place outside of France. The stories are a mix of travelog, diary, mishaps and amazements that happen along my way.  The site will be populated regularly with stories about “faraway places” and some that are closer than you think.

Please stop by soon and take a look. Let me know if you like it and more things you’d like to see. It starts off with a recent discovery of a most amazing artist who paints with peanut butter and jelly!

I hope you will enjoy the journey.  


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    • No for sure. I happened to run into her at an art exhibit a couple of years ago in France. I don’t know her personally. Wish I did. She sounds like a very interesting woman.

    • So you are amazing my friend, Paula. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures in Bhutan and around. See you in France in June… and let’s get into as much trouble as we can!

  1. Deborah- great idea, however, not clear if this is replacing or in addition to the other blog, or maybe just expanding the scope. Please clarify. Thanks

  2. Good morning Déborah

    This all sound most promising. I hope that it does not mean that you are considering leaving your life in France (!)

    I will be arriving with son Alex on July 13 in time to catch Quatorze fireworks in Bagnols, the staying some six weeks. Meanwhile, Luke is about to choose where he will go to college in the Fall, and the days creep by ….




    • No way am I leaving France! But thanks for saying it looks confusing with the new blog. Just my way of trying to compartmentalize a bit. Probably a mistake taking on two blogs. But there’s so much out there to talk about! I’m so happy to hear you’ll be in France for awhile. Let’s be sure to visit often. Congrats on Luke. Big decisions ahead! btw, how did you like the story about Vik Muniz? His art concept is fascinating!

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