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Barefooting Around Uzès

After “lockdown” in the United States, I had the choice to stay in the US with my family or come back to my home in Uzès. It was a tough call. For the present, I believe I made the right choice.  I am among the “vulnerable” for COVID because of repeated bouts with pneumonia.  My grandchildren in the US are back in school. In France, I can obey the virus “rules;” stay safe; expect excellent, affordable healthcare; I can enjoy Uzés, and I can visit amazing places on easy day trips. Join me, Barefooting around Uzès.

Barefooting Around Uzès

Many wish they could be in France right now.  I hope by sharing some of the sights and sounds around me, you will be uplifted by this place’s beauty. We may not know when, but the time will come when travelers will be free to hop on an airplane, take a cruise, and get back to the adventures you’ve dreamed about.

Let’s get started! 

The neighborhood

Now that I”m settled in my apartment in Uzès, more and more new people are moving in. Those here during lockdown began what has become a new tradition: Saturday aperos at noon. The neighbors safely distanced, and everyone wore masks. Nowadays, restrictions are more relaxed among our “bubble” of friends…


Around town

European visitors invaded Uzés this summer. While locals didn’t participate in everything, many outdoor activities were hard to miss: Tuesday Night Market, cycle racing tours, and places to walk where you could gaze at the beauty and feel the history.


Tuesday Night Market in Uzès every August


TCFIA Women Cyclists

World ranked women cyclists race (TCFIA) through Uzés on the route to l’Ardéche.



Walking tour of Uzès

Just beyond town

Barjac – From Uzés, you can drive a short distance from town to outdoor markets and brocantes. We’re lucky that Barjac has one of the best antique shows and flea markets around. For more, here’s a post from my first brocante experience in Barjac. 


Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux is the perfect sized town for a lunchtime getaway and shopping.


Pont du Gard’s Annual Luminaire

Summer at Pont du Gard means kayaking and canoeing under the historic aqueduct. Light shows that illuminate the ancient monument are meant for all — the young, old, and even family pets.


Now that you’re in the mood to travel, why not check out the video? Feel the “buzz” at a French antique market. Listen to the music from the organ grinder. Walk with me through the French towns and villages near Uzès.

Stay tuned for more!





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  1. So many of us wish we were there and your posts and pictures are sometimes hard to bear! I have been to Uzes 3 times and I love it more every time. I considered relocating but had some health (and anxiety) issues but I regret that I didn’t push myself out of my comfort zone. I am 66 now and can’t imagine it will happen but I do so hope to make it over for a long holiday one day… and to meet you would be amazing! Bonne chance mon ami <3

    • So happy to hear from you, Fiona. I wish you were here now. It’s a beautiful time of year in Uzès. Cool at last! I was 67 when I began my odyssey in France. I’d do it again today. Yet visiting has its advantages. Just keep hoping we get back to traveling soon. Meanwhile, thanks for following…

    • Quarantine depends on where you’re coming into France. Americans are still not allowed without a French residency or other special requirements. The virus is very much alive here, especially among the young. We’re trying to stay safe by wearing masks and social distancing. More restriction may come if the situation doesn’t improve considerably.

  2. So happy to read your latest blog that you are again immersed in your vibrant life in France…Especially resonates at this time as we were originally scheduled to return to Provence on Wednesday…SIGH! Not to happen , You are living my dream!.

    • It must really hurt to actually have a date on your calendar that you’re missing. Now you’ll just have to make it a longer stay! Thank you so much for staying in touch. You inspire me.

  3. Again, I love your blog. I’ve always wanted to live in Provence – I so enjoyed your photos and especially the video – it is wonderful. I hope that one day – soon – U.S. citizens will be allowed back – If we ever get Covid under control here. Maybe a lengthly vacation – months and months-forever would be good. Thank you, so much, for sharing your experiences.

    • You made me chuckle at “months and months.” We’re going to have a lot of pent up adventuring to do, aren’t we? I want to go to Paris again, and Burgandy, and …. thanks for following, Patty!

    • Thank you, Lynn! I loved making the video, especially this time, thinking of those I wish were here enjoying France. Hope you’re well and staying safe.

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