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Covid Caught Me

Running away from Covid doesn’t work. If it did, dashing back and forth to stay ahead or rush ahead of it failed me. This week Covid caught me.

All along, I thought it was my twice-annual allergy sickness. All the same symptoms and feelings.

It wasn’t until I learned that friends I’d spent time with last week were ill that I thought to be tested. Bingo.

Covid Caught Me

Now I feel like a pariah. I let down my guard. As careful as I’ve been for myself and others. I thought I knew more about my body than I do. I sniffed the wrong air; I touched something somewhere I shouldn’t. I got too close to someone. I stopped wearing masks, except where required. I stopped being careful. I started acting “normal.”

It’s hard to believe life has come to what it is today. We’re all so afraid. Afraid to touch. Afraid to speak our minds. We are sometimes scared of others we know as much as those we don’t know.

I am truly sad for those whose lives have been changed by Covid. For those lost, those suffering, and those who will never see their loved ones again.

For those who have now experienced Covid and survived, I wish I could say “congratulations.” Unfortunately, this may be just one of many times Covid catches me. I wish I could say I’ll be more competent or more careful next time out.

Dancing Around Covid

For over two years, I danced around Covid. Or Covid danced around me. Many in my family have been down with the insidious disease — my son, grandson, brother, and nephews. Fortunately, none of them were seriously ill. My most profound sadness and sincere condolence to you who have experienced worse.

Here are some of the stories I shared with you about Covid. 

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How are you dealing with Covid? Where do you get your information on staying safe? How has your life changed? 

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  1. I had to stop and read the title again. What? Deb has COVID? NO. Thank goodness you are doing alright. Yet another reminder that this isn’t behind us.

    • Yes! I do! It seems like it’s catching up with a lot of us. I’m just hoping no “long Covid.” Of course, how much “longer” have we got anyway? Just a reminder to make the best of every day. Stay well my friend, whoever you are! Lol🤗

  2. Here is to wishing you a good, thorough recovery Deborah. It is still scary, even though we have had over two years to get used to it by now. When will this ever end?

    Saying hello from Augsburg, Bavaria

    • It seems like a lifetime, doesn’t it? At least the weather’s getting better and this will be behind me… for awhile, I hope. Stay safe… and enjoy beautiful Bavaria!

  3. Oh Deborah, I’m so sorry to read that you are ill. I hope you have a light case and will be feeling much better very soon. Please keep posting and let us know how you are doing. Both Michael and I will be thinking of you and sending healing thoughts. I’m sure Rich and Paula will be doing the same thing. Elaine Agran

    • Thank you, Elaine. You know Rich and Paula brought Covid home with them from Paris. But no holding them down. They’re off to Portugal. Please stay safe and keep in touch!

  4. Last night I thought…I haven’t seen my friend’s fabulous blog, I hope she is ok. Intuition, or providence? Or merely the times we live in, the latter I believe. Sorry to hear that covid sneaked up on you. I got my second booster last week, but I am definitely not feeling omnipotent. I have come to accept that is going to be part of our lives forever or something like it. My son-in-law got it right after my birthday party in January. He is the fittest person I have ever known. He was sick and isolated for two weeks, and has Tinntinitis, he says he likes the crickets! but he also has partial hearing loss in one ear. I only had covid tongue, yes there is such a thing. So I believe that there is so much unknown about the long-term effects and how it will continue to be a force of nature in our lives. I am glad to hear you are recovering and resuming your amazing life.

    • Oh my, Carol. What strange consequences you’ve experienced from Covid. I guess as it progresses we’ll hear more weird stuff. Covid tongue! I’ll have to look that one up. Wish you could find your way this direction. It would be such fun to show you my new life. So glad we’re staying in touch… at least through social media. Stay safe, my friend.,

  5. So sorry to hear this. Hopefully it is of short duration. We will be in France in a month. None of us have had Covid and hoping that the numbers are down by then. Got any advice for us?

    • Unfortunately Covid seems to be on a roll here. Just follow the rules and stay outside as much as you can. Mask indoors. Surely we’re ready for “herd immunity!”

  6. Thank you for your insightful thoughts on how our behaviour has been changed by this virus, I have noticed that some of my behaviour has changed unconsciously. I feel the theatre of the 24hr news media machine has learnt how to probe deeply in to the human psyche. As a consequence, I do think it is easy to become wary to live! Undeniably, we are getting better at dealing with this virus, with drugs, treatments and vaccines. And also, the mutations appear to be getting weaker, even if more easily spread. The vast majority of us are doing our best to take care. I am sorry to hear you have picked it up somehow, Deborah. I wish you, of course, a very speedy recovery. We send you our love.

    • It is surprising how flexible and accepting some of us become. Then there are the others… I’m just happy my friends and many of the blog readers are strong in their convictions to keep on keeping on. Frankly, I don’t like the alternative! Hope to see you both in the near future. Miss you!

      • So sad to have missed you last year. The rules kept changing, and you were in the States by the time we did make it to France. We will see you this summer. It will great to catch up with you. Miss you too!

  7. Thank you Deborah,
    Excellent story as always!
    The virus is still with us and your description of a change if our behavior after the first pandemic is just a reminder that we are far from being safe!
    Thus Varys and it’s variants are still very active. We still have to otite the ourself and, who knows , to be re vaccinated!!
    Wishing you fast recovery
    Lots if love

  8. So sorry it caught you. You have no idea how many people I know are in the same situation. Thank goodness the symptoms are mild and most don’t require hospitalization. The sad truth that is being revealed is, it seems we just can’t let our guard down for even a minute and I don’t know if we ever will. Be well soon.

    • We used to feel that it was ok to get Covid if it meant you’re immune. No more! Thank you for commiserating with me. I’m not sure where we go from here… but don’t stop living!

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