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Emerging Mid-COVID in Uzès

Emerging mid-COVID in Uzès is a tricky business, as it is in other parts of the world where active seniors live among the community’s population.

I am among the susceptible group to the virus in Uzès. Pneumonia and various lung issues have been problems for me all my life. I’m one of those who will wear a mask when I’m in public places, shun crowds, and basically, live like a monk. Which, by the way, is very appropriate now that I live in a former monastery.

Emerging mid-COVID in Uzès

Meeting friends

Since returning to Uzès, I’ve joined with friends on various occasions. One gathering was a garden party. The hostess, Nevenka, who you might remember from our visit to a French health spa (read more here …) was very serious at the party about social distancing and refreshments. A chemical engineer before retirement, Nevenka knows a lot about everything — and especially, about health risks. The wine was dispensed out of a box, aperitifs were store-bought from Picard, the extraordinary chain store that carries gourmet frozen foods. Each food item was individually packaged for serving.  Party seating was a minimum of six feet apart.

Conversation groups are popular in Uzès. One that I’ve joined is a group of French and English-speaking people who want to learn from each other. The group started in a cafe in town. Now they take turns meeting in a  member’s garden. Respectfully distanced as shown below.

Friends meet for lunch or dinner at favorite places (Villa Curti) on a regular basis now. We want to support local merchants and, frankly, we’d go just for the food.

Markets and shopping 

Wednesday and Saturday markets are getting into full swing. I skip going into the marketplace during the day on Saturday. On Wednesdays, I go early to pick up “must-haves” like anchoide, olives, nuts, and local vegetables.

On weekdays, a stop at the corner greengrocery, Gaffiers, offers all that I could want. Look at those tomatoes!

After shopping, a cold beer on a neighbor’s patio hits the spot. Yes, I drink Heineken. It’s packaged in tiny bottles that are easy to carry while walking.


Enjoying the scenery

Living through a pandemic is not easy for anyone. I count myself as one of the lucky few. In Uzès I’m in a safe place. I try not to take it for granted.

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A warm welcome and a cold beer at Valia’s is all part of life in Uzès


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  1. I did receive the new post by e mail…sans photos! Knew that couldn’t be right so did a search et voila! Complete with photos and graphic. What a saga but so happy you made another post.

    • Thanks to your encouragement! Be sure to click on the website version of the blog when you get an email about a new post. Somehow lots of things disappear in the emails. Have a great day, week, and stay safe!

    • Hi Deborah:
      Went to IS in Aix with you and love following your blogs. I hope we can meet again in Uzes one of these days when all settles down. Take care

      • Hi Carole, so happy to hear from you! I miss our good times at IS. Let me know when you can ever get here in these strange times. I’d love to catch up with you. So glad you enjoy the blog.

    • I totally agree that it’s going to take a vaccine for us to dare to leave our comfort zones. I’m thinking dau road trips are a good diversion. Thanks for following… and stay tuned❤️🇫🇷

  2. Love this post. It does make it feel, with a little caution, we may be all moving in the right direction. In the UK we can now travel and looking forward to visiting Uzes. Visited many times over the years and your blog makes me feel I’m there with you. Thank you.

    • I’m hoping to spread out a bit more in the next few weeks. I’ll have a new, safe car to drive. It’s a story I’ll share.Thank you for reading and joining along!

  3. We are so very fortunate that our local weekly farmers market in Southern California has remained open. To my mind, the open-air and wide aisles are safer than the grocery store, and I think fewer workers have handled the food.

    • It is so important to support your local producers, too. They are taking chances with their own lives and families to provide for us. Thanks for sharing that with me.

  4. Thank you for your update – I so enjoy reading about life in Uzès – and wish I was there. I am hoping that I will be able to get back to Provence, but right now travel from the U.S. looks bleak.

  5. I love your blogs Deborah with the beautiful photos…they bring a lot of joy to many…and the field of sunflowers with the John Lennon quote just fills my heart…thank you for brightening my day and my life,

    • You’ve made my day, Anne. Thank you for joining me on this journey. Be well and be safe.

  6. Hello Deborah,

    I am glad that you made it back home to Uzés safe and sound. Good idea to still follow all the safety precautions in place. Do folks also have to fill out visitor forms, when going into a restaurant for example? We have to here in Bavaria. In the event someone visiting developes Covid-19 symptoms all other guests can be traced and I suppose, would end up being tested and/or quarantained.

    Have a safe and sunny 4th of July weekend!

    • There are no forms to fill out now that I know of. I understand there are Covid tracing apps that can help identify persons and places with virus. I need to investigate. Thanks for the welcome. I’m so happy to be back!

      • Upon entering a restaurant the first thing we do is fill out the form, or rather we can do it once seated at the table. Like I said: this way if a person developes Covid19, then the chain can be followed. Personally I do not want an app on my phone. Heavens no! Be well!

        • Like so many people, I too really enjoy the good read and great pictures. It brings me back to my short but beautiful sojourn in Uzes last year. am happy to follow your blog.

          Denise Monfette

          • There are so many photos waiting to be taken all around Uzès. Hopefully you will return again to enjoy it. Thank you!

  7. Actually the town is full of folks and equally French Conversation didi’t respect the required distancing – it’s serendipitous until there’s another spike. . . you make it sound more harmonious than it is.

    • It’s interesting you feel that way. I’m impressed with what I see. Perhaps it’s because we come from a totally different perspective. This is what the new “safe” looks like to me.

      • We so enjoy your journaling of real life in a interesting setting that comes with your ex-pat perspective. You never make it sound super easy or pie-in-the-sky perfect. Look forward to each installment.

        • Thank you! I’m afraid I’ve encouraged too many people to come this way who find the lifestyle really doesn’t fit them. So I’m trying to be as realistic as possible. It’s not for everyone. I’m just not finished …

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