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Fete Votive 2015 Uzes: Explosive!

There are few words better than “explosive” to describe the late night parade in Uzes that accompanied Fete Votive 2015.

After waiting for hours to see what event organizers had in store for this year’s Fete Votive parade, the crowds went wild. Justly so. The contrast of the loud, bright, huge moving floats against the pale, regal, ancient buildings along the streets of Uzes was striking. And exhilarating!

Fete Votive Parade Uzes 2015 Fete Votive Parade Uzes 2015
















A true fantasy!

Here’s just a sample of the sight and sounds…


Did they outdo themselves this year? All I can say is, “I can’t wait until same time, same place 2016!

See Fete Votive Parade 2014 revisited. 







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  1. Hey cuz.wish i could have been there for the bulls. I knew where many of the pictures were taken in town thanks to your wonderful tour guide ability. Got Jenni settled in and Debbi and I are headed to the wineries today. Miss you.

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