Finding Your Way Through Paris’ CDG

Like many of you who will be finding your way through Paris’ CDG in the next weeks and months, I’m heading there, too. It’s time to plan ahead and remember some of the things I’ve learned.  Mostly the hard way.

Travel Tips for Passing Through CDG Paris

Passing through Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris can be a daunting experience for even the most seasoned traveler. On my last trip, I took notes on some of the things that make my travel a little easier…and safer. Hopefully, these Charles de Gaulle Airport tips will be helpful to you. (Read more here …)

A Photo Guide to the SNCF/TGV Trains at Paris’ CDG Airport

If you’re like me it’s sometimes difficult to find my way around airports and train stations. Since I often take a train from Avignon to Charles de Gaulle in Paris, I jotted down directions and took a few photos to create a CDG Airport Photo Guide to help me learn and remember where to go. (Read more here …)

Lost at CDG: How to Find Your Airport Hotel

Have you ever been lost at CDG (Charles de Gaulle) Airport trying to find your way to the hotel where you’ve reserved a room?  I have. (Read more here…)


Packing Light

Thanks to all who contributed tips through comments on the post Packing tips for the 60+ solo female traveler. I’m rearranging my bags with some of your suggestions in mind. As always, please feel free to send me a note with your thoughts, hints, and edits!

Finding Your Way Through Paris' CDG



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  1. Deb, thank you so much for this fabulous blog on getting around the CDG airport PLUS all the other travel tips. So enormously helpful.

    • Hope it helps, Rhonda. I came through CDG yesterday. Terminal 2 has been updated. The signage is much better. If you’re going straight to baggage, just watch the signs for which baggage area your flight number uses. Info for getting to the trains is still relevant. Love staying in touch with you!

  2. Debbie…thank you so much for giving of your time to help others navigate through Paris, my favorite city! I’m printing this for my next trip, which can’t be soon enough. Bea

    • So glad you’ve found the information helpful. I’ll update it if needed on this next trip through CDG. Happy travels!

  3. this is fabulous…i can’t tell you how helpful this is and it came just in time before our planned trip.

    • Every little thing helps to make us feel more confident and enjoy the journey. Let me know if you have more suggestions for improving this post for others. Bon voyage!

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