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Je Parle Le Français? Non!

Today has been challenging.

I don’t speak French …at all. Worse, I keep popping up with very badly enunciated Spanish words! So now I have a new BFF at the Tourism Office. She speaks English.

speak FrenchRenting a bicycle for a few days was my main objective for the day. There are so many back roads and adjoining towns that I want to explore. A car isn’t practical since parking near the apartment is nearly impossible.

I headed to the Uzes tourist office, where the very accommodating agent gave me information on a bike rental place. She drew arrows on a map to show me the way and also suggested I call in advance to make a reservation. Instead of asking her to make the call right then, I walked back to the apartment and called Oliver at the bike shop. Big mistake. Olivier couldn’t understand a word I said. So, I went back to the tourist office to ask my BFF to do me the favor.

Lesson learned:  I don’t speak French. In person, you may get away with not speaking the local language, but not on the phone. Get a translator.

The walk to Oliver’s was a piece of cake. Negotiating the two-day rental wasn’t so easy, but it worked out fine with a little sign language and lots of laughs.

Olivier escorted me back to town on his bike. He probably wanted to make sure I was able to ride a bike better than I could communicate. Did I mention he’s adorable? Shut my mouth. He’s younger than my sons.

Today’s frugal, light, superb menu

Some of you are showing an interest in the food I’m enjoying. I’m certainly not a food stylist or photographer. However, something is inspiring about this place to try doing both.

Arranging meals in a setting before eating it is actually very entertaining. It seems to keep me from gulping my food down too fast, as well. I might try it at home.

Le petit déjeuner
Light breakfast due to the rich food for dinner last night. The best EVER granola, off the shelf at the local grocery; strawberries from the Saturday Market; and fresh pressed Kenyan coffee.

Food in Uzes France


Saturday Market ham and cheese pastry; herbed olives,  tomatoes and balsamic vinegar, figs, and strawberries. The pastry was filled with a soft cheese with a consistency close to cream cheese…but smoother… and topped with shredded Gouda, accompanied by the “drink that refreshes”, Coca-Cola Light.

French lunch

Another light meal in anticipation of a full day’s bike riding tomorrow. Fois Grau (reserved from last night’s restaurant dinner); vegetables, cheeses, and olives from the Saturday Market; crouton crackers; plus prize-winning olive oil and wine from Uzes.

Note: not a dime spent on food today.

Tomorrow? Let’s explore more!

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  1. Trash the computer…keep a journal & enter everything when you get back…and Deb, smile that DB smile I remember & you should be able to work your way through anything, including the bicycle shop & its manager! I’m green with envy! Safe travel!

    • I was about to take your advice and ditch the blog, but now that I can do it on my iPhone, it’s fun. Plus, it helps me remember what I’ve done from day to day. The old brain isn’t what it used to be! Thanks, though, for your concern. I’m smiling again.

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