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It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

As you know, Saturday is the Barefoot Blogger’s favorite day in Uzes. It’s market day!

When I headed out the door the first thing I heard was music in the plaza…

Just around the corner …


… and there’s more!


Just in time for Father’s Day …


“My mother is terrible, my father is a genius, and me … I like them!!


A carnival in town

A carnival in town


... and sidewalk cafes filled to the brim...

… and sidewalk cafes filled to the brim…





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  1. Deborah great pictures and miss the market but there soon in September. We did buy some of the Nougat and were astounded at the price–good by very expensive. Enjoy you stay and keep the information and pictures coming!!!

    • Met some wonderful new people from Pittsburgh who will be back in September. Party is already in the planning! Have fun on your first stops along the way.

  2. I love French markets & the one in Uzes looks fantastic. Have you been to the market in Pezenas? The baby slogan clothes are so cute! In French, the word terrible can also mean terrific…

    • Ohh… wish I’d known that about “terrific”! Thanks! Yes, I love the market at Pezenas! I’ve thought that might be a good place to live in France, too. Any other market suggestions?

    • Tell me! I did break down and buy a white “petticoat” to wear under the polka-dotted dresses I bought last year. You should see what an old woman looks like with crinolines!

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