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Jersey Boys, The French Movie

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There’s a movie theatre not too far from my apartment — the only one in town.

The French version about the “4 Hommes” was playing when I got there. The English version would be two hours later.

“What the heck,” says me to me. “I’ll watch the movie in French.”

Jersey Boys

Jersey Boys

Loved the theatre. It’s like one of the “art” theaters in the States with food, drinks, and cafe seating in the lounge.

Movie Theatre in Uzes

Movie Theatre in Uzes

Loved the music.

Other than that, I might as well have been wearing ear muffs.

“Yes,  I still don’t speak French!”

 Note: Hope you’re enjoying the Village Scenes. Would love your comments.


Deepak Chopra

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  1. You have never been in a box my dear! At least not allll the years I’ve known you. Time for you to learn French….I’m considering taking up also, maybe I can translate for you when I come next spring. Loving the village scenes!

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