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Me, Leave France? No Way!

Oh dear … it seems some friends of Barefoot Blogger think I may be leaving France.

Just the opposite!

Me and,  are here to stay.

I’m as dedicated to living in my little ivory tower in Uzes and to stories about life, travels and adventures in France as ever!

Until I get kicked out of the country, that is, for not learning French … or for some foolishness which I will always share with you.

(Speaking of which … did I tell you about the last fiasco? I’ll give you a hint. It didn’t have anything to do with putting the wrong gas in “Lucy” my red Citroen again, but it did have something to do with my trousseau clés.) 

Stay tuned to — and visit the new sister site — to follow the Barefoot Blogger’s fun and missteps when I venture outside France. Yes, two blogs to keep you and me busy traveling, learning, reading, writing and dreaming about that great big world of ours out there.

Thank you so much for following and caring … and for keeping in touch!



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  1. So glad to hear you are not leaving France. Love the little drawing at the end of your post- does this mean you acquired a cat?

    We are determined to go to Uzes when we are in France in July. Last year when we were at our house in July, it was too hot to think of driving anywhere- so hope this year is more manageable.

    Maria Styacko

    • Would love to have a cat! But it would have to like to travel. I do hope you’ll make it to Uzes and be sure to let me know when you’re there. Thanks for keeping in touch.

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