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My French Apartment

It has been only six days since I landed in France, and I’m almost ready to move in!

My French Apartment

Renting the apartment unfurnished, I knew there would be a lot to do. I thought I’d be doing well if I had a bed and a refrigerator by the first week. That’s before I knew I had engaged the world’s # 1 administrator to help me — Nandine. In less than a week, Nandine has helped find a bed and furniture for the living room and dining room — along with arranging for telephone and utilities. All that’s left to do is to find furnishings for the guest room, lamps, and accessories. Needless to say, I’m ecstatic! Nandine’s knock on my bedroom door at 8 am and our everyday trips to a furniture store, Carrefour, or Intermarche have done the job in record time.

Landline phone
Basic household items
More wine

On Tuesday, I will wait at the apartment in Uzès for the delivery of furniture and appliances. Watching the delivery people maneuver the armoire and bed up the narrow spiral staircase should be an exciting day. My bet is that most will all be hauled up through the top floor terrace … by ropes. You’ll experience the pain and triumph with my camera in my hand.

Time to play
All work and no play is really dull. So I’m visiting La Grande Motte., located just outside Montpelier. The resort town on the Mediterranean seems much like Hilton Head Island resort in South Carolina. Condominiums are stacked many stories high, shaped like pyramids, around the boat docks and along the stretch of nearby beaches.

Built during the late 1960’s, La Grande Motte has golf courses, tennis courts, pools, lakes, and boat access to the Mediterranean. The commercial area at the yacht basin is busy with restaurants, tourists, and children’s amusement areas. The day I visited, there was a race of small catamarans starring world-class yachtsmen. It was a beautiful sight when each boat, one after the other, unfurled a different colored sail that fluttered in the clear, blue sky.

Tomorrow… Move-in day!
Stay tuned

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  1. Someone’s comment reminded me of the Acura! I cannot believe its final demise! It does look like Bentley has a good home. Did you decide not to get a TV? If not, what alternatives are you using? An actual newspaper perhaps? How is your French coming along?

  2. Hey Debby. Still waiting for the pics of your moved-into new home – and to hear how things are going?! Where is the flat exactly? All best, Alexander 🙂

    • Finally got a new post! Still no Internet at the apartment but I visit Terroirs for access. When are you next in Uzes?

      • Hey Debby.

        Late March! Long time but can’t be helped. I am off to India for a month on Saturday among other things 🙂

        Which email address are you using these days?


  3. A lot accomplished with a little help of your friend. Certainly you deserve the last 3 items on your list & the day of relaxation. So enjoy your musings & stories. Keep them coming. We should figure out a way to Skype with you during the reunion.

    • I would love if we could see each other via Skype. Let me know if we can work it out. I’m thinking of you all. Bad timing for my new adventure!

  4. Oh Debby – hope moving day went well! I am so excited to follow your adventure…sharing, too, with my daughters and granddaughter! Good luck! Looking forward to pictures.

  5. Do I remember correctly that many of the streets are pedestrian only since they are too narrow for cars. What about your street? That staircase is enough of a challenge!

    • Actually, my apartment has a parking lot in front, so plenty of maneuvering room outside. Just not up the spiral stairs. I’m literally in a tower!

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