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Nice, How Did I End Up Here?

I’m thinking of my mother today. Bonnie.

When Bonnie was my age, everyone knew where they could find her— in her garden. After a long career as a hospital administrator and nurse anesthetist, she loved her flowers. Tired from working long hours, she lived for digging in the dirt and moving shrubbery. Bonnie had no interest in venturing too far away from home.

What would Bonnie think of Nice? She never had a chance to travel. In her long lifetime, her most exciting adventure was to visit me in the winter in Minnesota. She’d never seen so much snow … or been so cold.

Me neither!

Thinking of Bonnie sitting here in the sunshine, along the beautiful and calm Côte d’Azur.


Where am I staying in Nice? The Hotel Beau Rivage, of course! Home to South of France Memories Tours.

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    • I would have loved Bonnie to be here with me. Though, actually, she always is here. She’d probably tell me it’s time to think about coming home. I don’t think she’d ever believe I’d live here. Thank you so much for following and for your notes. ♥️🇫🇷

  1. Enjoy being an armchair traveler with you. You have an adventurous spirit that I so admire. Have a great time in beautiful Nice!

    • Never taken it this slow in Nice. The weather’s beautiful and cool, and I’m enjoying every minute. Thanks for being along with me.

  2. You are right, you will do it until you don’t. If your major injury didnt stop you, nothing will. But even if your life abroad slows down or stops, you will just find adventure in the small things closer to your heart. Glad I’ve been able to share a little with you in the past, and looking forward to sharing more in the fall!, Julie

    • I hope I will have the energy you do! You are on the go-go. So happy we’ll have time together in the Fall. Thank you for following my crazy adventures.

  3. Oh wow, Nice! So happy you have the opportunity to experience travel to the fullest. May I kindly ask how I may contact you for some Q&A about solo travel? That is, if it is okay with you. Thank you 🙂

  4. A lovely blog, Deborah. I am glad to see you are enjoying your travels. It can take a little courage to travel, esp. alone, but your blogs continue to display the rewards and riches to be found when we take the first step. Looking forward to catching up with you this year. Wishing you all the best under those blue skies..

    • Simon, so good to hear from you. Hope you’ll be back to France soon. We miss you! Thanks for your kind note.

    • You’re still enjoying the snow I’m guessing. I really miss Minnesota. It was one of my favorite places to live. Thank you for taking time to write. Hope you’re enjoying the journey.

  5. Believe me, your life is a dream. I feel so fortunate to have traveled and lived in Europe and the Far East.

    • How much longer I can do this is the big question. I guess the answer is “til I don’t.” Love your notes. Thank you!

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