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Oh La La! San Quentin la Poterie, France

Imagine a little village in the south of France where the main industries are farming and handmade pottery. Can you think of a place that is more “down to earth?” (Pun intended!)

San Quentin la Poterie

Friday is market day in San Quentin la Poterie. It’s only a few miles down the road from Uzès, and it’s becoming one of my favorite places to shop. There’s the farmers’ market with all the local foods and vendors …

But even better than the farmers’ market, there are dozens of pottery shops through the winding village streets. Many stores have the artist’s workshop attached. Most artists are there, busy working on their new creations.

Oh La La, Handmade Pottery

When they say San Quentin is world-famous for pottery, they mean pottery of the finest kind. Not to discount our fabulous potters from western North Carolina, but I have never seen such magnificent pottery. Each shop I visited was better than the last one.


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  1. I hope he has insurance! A five speed? I was wishing you had been a rude American and taken pictures of Unity’s home. Sounds so interesting!

  2. I eagerly await every new blog! I’m a Barefoot junkie. Isn’t the world such a fabulous place! Love, short cake

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