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Paris Dream

My Paris Dream is to visit the French city— the most beautiful, romantic place on earth __ like I have all the time in the world.

I wander late into the night through the streets where there are lights but no people.


I wake up whenever. And take breakfast in bed.


In my Paris Dream, I venture out only when the day’s inviting.


My Paris Dream

The afternoon is going quickly. I’m off to walk the neighborhood. St. Germaine, 6th district. It’s filled with restaurants, cafes, high-end decorators and antique stores, and art galleries.


Around the corner from my hotel is Quay Voltaire. And then, the Seine. The Louvre. The three bridges — Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in Paris, links St Germain to the Tuileries; Pont des Arts, a pedestrian bridge that takes you to the Louvre; and Pont St Michel, which leads from St Germain to the central city.

The walkabout reminds me I’ve missed lunch, so back to Rue Jacob and my hotel. Just a few steps away, a cafe where I sit to warm myself and to be graciously served. Something about waiters outfitted in white shirts, black slacks, and a server apron that says “Paris” to me.

Soupe à l’oignon

Perhaps I should have skipped the second glass of pinot noir because my eyes are drooping.

A short nap and a quick dinner later, my Paris dream, day one, is done.

My Paris Dream – The Reality

The past three months visiting the US has been busy… and a bit stressful. Traveling to be with family and friends you haven’t seen in a while can be exhilarating. And tiring.

One thing that kept me going was to dream up a new adventure. Something I could do on the way back to France.

The stopover in Barcelona and Collioure on my last trip back to Uzès was a great idea. It gave me a chance to catch my breath. To be absolutely on my own… with Fannie, of course.

Here I am. You guessed it. Paris!

Fannie is taking to Paris. They love dogs! 

My hotel in Paris;  Hotel du Danube

To read more about Barcelona


To read about Collioure

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  1. Dream come true! I had the best onion soup ever off St. Germaine. Would you recommend Paris in January? I would love to know the name of your hotel. Message me, please. Love your blog!

    • Yes, I’m happy to recommend the hotel. It’s a small, boutique style at 58 Rue Jacob. I even said it right to a taxi driver today in French! Location is fab in St. Germaine. Thanks for asking!

  2. I love that area and was exactly in the 6th Arr. in May 2019. Had plans to return in 2020 but all stops on travel. My friend and I (who is very familiar with Paris) stayed at the Hotel des Deux Continents which looks like you were in the same area. Where did you stay? The photos are just as I remember from my first and only visit to Paris. I enjoyed this blog because of the photos to remind me of my visit there. You are so blessed! Kisses to Fannie!!

    • I believe Deux Continents is nearby. I’ll look. I like this, Hotel Danube at 58 Rue Jacob in St. Germaine. Great for walking! Fannie says “hi!” Thanks for letting me hear from you♥️

  3. Hi Deborah, You are living my dream! I was scheduled to spend a month in Paris and a week in Uzes in 2020 before the pandemic hit! Hoping to be able to fulfill that dream in 2023. In the meantime I’ll live vicariously through you!! Cindy Booker

    • I’m so happy to be traveling at some level this year. Most venues are outdoors. Thanks to the French there are fab outdoor dining choices. Don’t give up your dream. Dust it off and come on over! Merci for your note♥️

    • Fannie must wonder what world she was dropped into?? She is a real trooper… and attention- getter. We’ll be home soon. Thanks for your good wishes♥️

    • Thank you, Joan. Sorry for the late response. Notes were lost in space! Back home in Uzes now dreaming about Paris!

  4. Looks lovely and so good for us all to feel life is returning to something nearer normal. I love the fact you just wander, I’m a wanderer!! A stop and start walk is always good. I see you visited Coulliore too. Such a stunning place with fabulous light in the summer. A friendly place with lots to see and do and of course wander. Could I ask which hotel you stayed in Paris and would you recommend. We are thinking of starting our summer break in Paris before heading down to Provence (and Uzes), but have not been for years and last time we were in Montemarte. Best wishes

    • I’m happy to recommend Hotel Danube at 58 St. Jacob in St. Germaine. It’s turning out to be the perfect choice. Peacefully quiet, small, but well located. I’ll be back! Enjoy your time here and thanks for your note.

    • She’s a dream come true. She keeps me moving and doesn’t complain about much but getting in her crate for flights. But she’s getting better. Thanks for stopping to read and a note♥️

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