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Irresistible French Fashion for Summer

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A week or so ago, the Barefoot Blogger could not resist going into one of my favorite shops in Uzes, L’atelier des Ours. There’s a sale going on!

IMG_3240Yes, summer bobo chic fashions are everywhere. Lightweight pantaloons and flouncy ruffled dresses, among other irresistible things.

Who could pass it by?

Certainly not me! 

As is often the case, whenever I stop into the little shop with teddy bears on the door, I enter into a world that’s in a totally different dimension. A little story I wrote about the visit is now published in France Today. Come along with me and see what’s “in” for summer, French Fashion for Summer: Bobo Romantic.

…”There’s a little shop in Uzès, France where “women of a certain style” flock all times of the year. In summer, they pour out of the lace-curtained door of L’atelier des Ours in a steady stream, all carrying pink packages filled with pretty feminine things.”






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