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Give Thanks for New Friends Who Help Color My World

New Friends Who Help Color My World

Thanksgiving has a new meaning to me this year. It’s not a holiday in France. Never mind,  I’m making it my personal day to thank all the new people who have come into my world this year.

November road scene, Uzes

November road scene

Yesterday, I drove to the countryside near Uzès to take pictures of the Autumn views. As spectacular as it is, I couldn’t help comparing the colors and scenery of France with my Carolina home. Rather than getting mopey-eyed and sad that I won’t spend the holiday with my family and friends in the US, I thought about my new friends.

How lucky I am to have them in my life!

Pictured in this photo gallery are just a few of the many people I have “run into” in 2013. You’ve read about them in the posts of Barefoot Blogger. Some are destined to be lifelong friends. Others will be acquaintances. Some “people in the crowd” allowed me to take their photographs. And others didn’t know they were in the sights of my lens.

Geoffrey is shown more than once. See if you can pick him out. His flamboyant style makes it hard to appreciate only one of his “many faces.” 

Stay tuned … Thanksgiving in France … Live turkey … I will celebrate an American-style holiday dinner with my new friends in France tomorrow. It will be a Thanksgiving to remember, for sure. Yet it will bring back memories of all those Thanksgivings in the past.

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  1. Debby, such a great ‘post,’ and beautiful photographs which highlights the great way that you’re making a mark on your adopted country, am sure you’ll have a great ‘Thanksgiving!’ I will try to do the same here in Florida.
    Very best wishes

    • Thanks, Sandy. It’s all because of you! I’m thankful for your friendship and for leading the way for me to find all these new friends and adventures. Enjoy the cranberry sauce. It’s 3 Euros for a small jar in Uzes!

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