A Quick Jump Across the Pond

Tomorrow I’m heading for a quick visit to the States. It’s been ten month since I’ve seen my two grand babies and it’s their birthdays!

With a five-week trip away from Uzes ahead of me, the weekend was busy with packing and saying “goodbye” to friends. The Saturday Market and cafes in town were packed. It reminded me of that day four years ago when I first visited the town. The weather is perfect and spirits have lifted. Winter is over. Spring is here!






I’ll keep in touch while I’m away. It’ll be interesting to return to family and friends in the US after such a long time. When I return to France there’s more fun ahead. Including a stopover in Paris and travel stories from the South of France. … stay tuned!


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    • Hoping Atlanta will get Spring back soon. It’s winter again. Seeing the family makes it all so good. Thanks for your good wishes. Stay in touch!

  1. Will you be in Charlotte? I am hoping/planning to come your way – maybe early May – to visit brother in St Siffret & I hope to connect with you along the way! Blowing Rock friends – Clt natives – just got back from a month in Florence; they want to come your way as well – Uzes is their fave on the planet!!!

    Voyage en tout securite…

    page parsons

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    • Hi Page! Great you’ll be in Uzes when I return. Looking forward to seeing you. Uzes is a “happening” place now. You’ll just beat the crowds. Thanks for the note!

  2. Hi Deborah,

    Have a wonderful time across that big pond, and we’ll see you when you are back…where exactly are you going?

    Lis X

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    • So sorry I’ll miss your party but I’ll get there soon. Have a good trip, too. It’s really hard to be in two places, but so blessed to have close friends in France. Looking king forward to seeing you often in France.

  3. Hi Deborah. Safe, fun trip back to see the little ones! We are also planning a return for a bit to visit my sister’s wonderful five grandchildren in AZ. Plan to return to France/Europe maybe by June. Love the quote…so true. So fortunate…always a heart pull in both directions. Lucky we both get to live in two places and/or visit …missing the sweeties. Look fwd to seeing you at some point in France! Warmest wishes. Enjoy.

    • Hi Sandy. Still enroute to the US but tomorrow I’ll hug those grands! Please get in touch when you’re in Uzes. June is fab!! Enjoy your visit in AZ.

  4. Safe travels Enjoy the time in the US and your family. It was great “hanging out” with you. K & J

  5. Safe travels back to the States, Deb! Once again our paths just don’t seem to cross as we’re settled in to a lovely gîte in the Lot, near Pujols. We’re here until May 1st and have an exciting canal boat adventure planned for the first week of April. We’ll be stateside through the summer and back in France in the fall. Perhaps we can finally meet each other then? Cheers!

    • Thank you, Kathleen. I’m sure I’ll be dragging after playing with 3 and 1 year olds, but can’t wait. You’ll be thrilled with Paris plans!

  6. Have a wonderful, safe trip. I so enjoy your blog. We are meeting Rich and Paula for brunch in a few weeks and can’t wait to catch up.

    • Please give those two a big hug for me. Red carpet awaits their return. Glad you enjoy the blog. So much fun to connect with like-minded folks who love travel and tales of travel.

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