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Uzès on Second COVID Lockdown

Uzès is on the second COVID lockdown. For a small town, we are experiencing a serious outburst of infections. Stone walls and lofty towers are not protecting us from the pandemic.  Right now, there are very few places in the world to hide from the virus. For me, or anyone else,  to candy-coat its devastation and impact on our lives is impossible.

What I can do is show you what the second COVID lockdown in France looks like in Uzès. Also, I can say that I’d rather be here than anywhere else. Knowing that this small, medieval town has weathered centuries of disasters encourages me.  It’s still standing.  In all it’s beauty.

The Duché

The second COVID lockdown in Uzès is much like the first, last March. All but essential businesses are closed. Restaurants are shuttered except for those choosing to sell take out foods. Wearing masks is mandatory, with a fine for non-mask wearers. Townspeople can leave their homes for work-related tasks, care for the elderly, transport children to school, and for other approved obligations. One-hour walks, or time outdoors, is permitted within one kilometer of your residence. For all outside excursions, you must complete and submit an online form, or “attestation.” found on the government website. Print the form and carry it with you … or copy it to your phone… to show, if necessary.

Personally, I’ve not seen any enforcement activity in town. However, the threat of a fine or confrontation (in French, of course!) keeps me toeing the line.

The absence of tourists, cars, and noise during the second COVID lockdown means you can experience Uzès like never before.


Busy streets are quiet.




Elegant doors crafted by master woodworkers from centuries ago stand strong and regal.



Closed windows say volumes.



Narrow alleys seem more mysterious.



Shuttered doors and stores are forlorn.



Yet, the sight of holiday decorations brings the promise of a new season. A reason to be grateful.



Join me for a Uzès lockdown Saturday walk around town.

View here .. and on the Barefoot Blogger Youtube Channel 

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    • Thanks for asking, Jacqueline. Hopefully you will join us on a tour. We are planning to resume with tours in September 2021. Let me know if you would like to be on the list for our mailing. It’s so much fun and an amazing way to travel and make lifelong friendships.

    • Thank you! I know you’re missing France. Hopefully we can all put on our traveling pants soon. Stay safe now and see you soon♥️

  1. Hello Deborah,
    I love your blogs! And I would like to thank you for your meaningful quotes which shine like a bright light, as do you, in our Covid world,
    Anne xxx

  2. Thank you for sharing with us all, Deborah. I especially enjoyed the film, it does have a beauty, and good to hear your voice-over. What I always love about Uzes is never knowing who you will see down the winding streets. I am encouraged to hope that things will be somewhat better for everyone in a few months.
    Thank you for keeping me connected with my favourite town. Take care.

    • I’m living your new additions to prints of Uzès on FB. You make us so happy with your whimsy. Keeping fingers crossed you’ll be visiting again soon. Merci!

  3. We are all sharing this time of trial. It’s so sad—yet I can identify with your inclination to find beauty in the quiet, the still moments. My hope is that the inward turning engendered by the pandemic refines my perceptions and sensibilities in order to see life all the more richly.

    • Oh, I do hope you are right, Kairosia. There is so much wrong in this world right now. But so many good people who can make it right. Thank you for your thoughtful note.

  4. Photos are lovely. I hope I can get to Uzès some time in the future. Question–how many local restaurants are offering take out? Before the pandemic, I think that was called blasphemy!

    • Lol. Yes, “doggy bags” were unheard of a few years back in France. More recently, it was catching on for restaurants. But since COVID-19, takeout has become the only way some businesses can stay afloat. I understand the proprietors in Uzès actually planned together to make certain the public is adequately served. Delivery is even offered. It’s a new world!

  5. Lovely! Still think we should do the book about doors and windows like we dreamed/fantasized about on our trip.😷❤

    • Wouldn’t be interesting to see how they differ around France? Sounds like a road trip! Can’t wait to see you here again!

    • I think about others who wish they could be here and I always want to share what I see. Some days are better than others. But it’s always like a dream.

  6. The photos are lovely, Deborah. While some might find Uzès lonely and deserted you describe it as quiet and comforting. Your city has endured devastating wars and plagues through the centuries, and these lovely stone walls know how to offer sanctuary as its citizens patiently wait for life to resume to normal. Stay safe, stay well!

    • I love the way John Stewart’s comment suggests Uzès on lockdown is like waiting on a fine wine to be ready. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder, isn’t it. Thank you!

    • Uzès is a dream. We are all anxious to open up again to share this place. Thank you for your kind comment. Hope to see you before too long!

  7. Beautiful pictures even with deserted streets keep the ones who admire this town connected. The global pandemic is what unites us all. Like a wine resting in a cellar, the hope of discovering Uzes is for another day. Be safe and keep us connected.

  8. Fabulous photographs which I recognise with very fond memories. We did manage to visit Uzes this year whilst staying in St Remy and as usual loved it. Lunch on the sunny Place aux Herbes and a gentle stroll around the shops buying some lovely gifts. Wandering through the many archways and admiring the interesting and stunning buildings. We hope to visit next year too and see it all its wonderous glory. Keep safe and thanks for the lovely photos you send.

    • I hesitate to show how deserted Uzès is, but thought I should share how beautiful it is to the bones. We’ll be anxious to see you again. Stay safe!

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