“The Golden Girls” Loving Italy: Day 13 Cinque Terre

Who knew “Cinque Terre” meant “five villages”? Before  heading on The Golden Girls’ adventure, I’d never heard of it.

The Golden Girls’ Cinque Terre visit started on a chartered bus from Florence. Our AIRBNB host set up the tour that was by bus, train and boat.

Since visiting Cinque Terre, I’ve learned that many friends have been there. Some have even gone between each of the villages on foot.

My hat’s off to you. We found it hard enough to be carried by bus and train.

Visit Cinque Terre

Tour bus to Cinque Terre

Visit Cinque Terre

The day we visited Cinque Terre, unfortunately, there was bad weather. A landslide in one of the villages and no ships sailing to another meant we had a full day exploring three of the villages — Riomaggiore, Corniglia and Monterossa.

Visit Cinque Terre

Map of Cinque Terre


After leaving the chartered bus in La Spezia, The Golden Girls boarded a train for Riomaggiore. Getting there on a foggy, cool day was a bit disappointing. We were hoping for sunny skies. However, the beauty of the quaint hillside village more than made up for the clouds and sprinkles of rain.

Visit Cinque Terre


By the time we reached Corniglia by train the clouds had lifted and the sun came out to give us an excuse to head for the beach. This was the ideal village for lounging at a seaside cafe and watching people, my favorite pastime.

Visit Cinque TerreAhh… the beer was tasty too!

Visit Cinque Terre

 Village and sea views in all directions were breath-taking.

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Visit Cinque Terre


Nothing prepared me for Monterossa. From the multi-colored houses to the dramatic coastal cliffs, this village is one to underline in the memory book. Interestingly, now that I have only photos to remind me, it’s hard to believe these came out of my camera. It is truly real.

Pinch me.

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Dare I forget about shopping?

Not as dazzling as the scenery in Monterossa, the local shops still put on quite a show.

How can you resist stopping to check out the retail here? Join me to look around.

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Hopefully when you visit Cinque Terre you will see all five villages. For me and The Golden Girls, perhaps another day.

Visit Cinque Terre

Visit Cinque TerreNext stop: Rome





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  1. If you’re planning on hiking the Cinque Terra trail, do it soon because the government is discussing restrictions on the number of users per day–all for the sake of preservation which I agree is the first priority–just saying though for near-future travelers to the region.

    • That’s so good to know … and perfectly understandable. Like everywhere else, crowds are taking their toll on this beautiful area.

  2. Does it require to be in a very good shape to hike between the villages ? Thank you and have a memorable trip !

    • I really don’t know much about hiking so I’d hate to guess. I know that it was pretty much a full day to go to 3 villages by public transport. If I had been there for a longer stay I would have considered hiking. Besides, you can always catch the train or boat if you think you’ve had enough.

  3. Via the wonderful traveling company, ATG-Oxford, my two friends and I hiked the entire Cinque Terra trail. Experiencing the delightful villages, walking the sometimes challenging track, staying in charming small hotels, breathing in the spectacular views along the way, were the perfect way to visit these unique and charming villages.

    • I do wish I could have seen the other villages. Hopefully there will be another time to see them. Hiking?! I’m impressed!

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