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Back to France: First Stop, Montmartre

The visit back to the US to see family and friends is done. Now it’s on to fun and games in France. First stop: Visit Montmartre.

This will be my first stay in Montmartre, the playground of Parisian artists and famous bohemians. On other Paris stays, I’ve only been to Montmartre to see the Sacre Coeur and to stroll in the area above the cathedral on Sundays when artists’ work is for show and sale.

sacre coeur

Visit Montmartre

I chose a boutique hotel in Montmartre because it’s close to Cook’n With Class Paris. I’m joining the chef and other students at the cooking school for a market day class on Sunday. How much fun is that?!

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On Monday, I’m off by train to Gif-sur-Yvette in the Chevreuse Valley, southwest of Paris. There, I’m staying and playing at Le Moulin de la Tuileries, the county retreat of the former Duke of Windsor and Wallace Simpson.

Yes, the Barefoot Blogger will be walking in the footsteps of royalty!

Before I give away too many secrets, I hope you’ll stay tuned. It promises to be another great adventure!


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    • Fun walking around Montmartre today. Guess who was here from Uzes? Silver! We had fun finding our way around and shopping…of course! See you soon!

  1. We rented an apartment on rue des trois frères, a few years ago. It gave us a wonderful opportunity to really see the neighborhood, not just touristy Sacré Cœur and Place du Tertre. Stroll from the Abbesses Metro station (pretty little park), down rue des Abbesses (Cocquelicot at #24 is a good bakery/also good for lunch), ogling all the shops as you go. You can bear left onto rue Lepic for more great window licking (at the bottom is the Moulin Rouge). If you are up at Sacré Coeur, visit the park directly behind (the wisteria should be in bloom), lovely quiet place to take a break. Have fun, it’s a great neighborhood!

    • I’ll definitely check out your route, Bonnie. Tomorrow is my day to explore. The hotel where I’m staying seems to be in a great location for sightseeing. Will keep you posted. Thanks!

    • Hi Ken and Jodie! I’m safe and glad to be on the ground in Montmartre. Taxi driver told me all about the attack and gave me good safety advice. I’ll be careful. Thank you for your concern.

  2. Dearest Debby, it was so good to see you again after so many years and just wished you could have stayed longer and maybe next time you will schedule a few days with us.
    We love our little place on Wadmalaw and as you see only a hop skip and jump to your friend’s place and we have plenty of room and would love it. Please be careful as Paris has been on the news all day,, take care of yourself and we love you. Annie

    • Loved seeing you all! Tell Jack I brought the peach tea to France! Don’t not worry about me, please. I’m where I want to be and enjoying it all. Love!

  3. I guess it’s welcome home and we will be following you in a little over a week. Sounds like fun in Paris and then on to more exciting things. Glad you had such a wonderful time in the US and your pictures on Facebook were “priceless”. Keep the great blogs going!!

  4. Amusez-vous bien!! Have you ever been to A L’Etoile d’Or??? It’s a fabulous candy shop near the Moulin Rouge, complete with a wide selection of traditional (and more modern) French chocolates and sweets. The shop owner is a really sweet lady, so I hope you have the chance to visit if you’ve never been before! 🙂

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