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When I Return to My French World

When the pandemic hit, I was planning to return to my French world in May.  It’s been over six months since I walked away from my beautiful new apartment in Uzès to spend time with my family near Atlanta.

“Spend time” is an understatement since I’ve literally been living under the same roof with my son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren, ages four and six. I must admit, it’s been both exhilarating and exhausting to be involved in the day-to-day ups and downs of family life, work, parenting and in lockdown in 2020. We’ll all look back at this extraordinary point in history and be thankful for the time together.

So, what am I looking forward to most when I return to France?

My French World!

The views …


The gathering places …



The markets ...



The festivals …



… the food!!



Most of all, I miss my friends — both French and expat



When will I return to Uzès? Your guess is as good as mine. Meanwhile, the photos and memories are here with me to stay.

Wherever you are, be Safe!


For some facts about Uzès, plus some of my favorite stories about life as an American expat, click here.

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  1. I am sitting here reading all the comments and looking forward to a return to Uzes. Our flight was scheduled for this evening from Atlanta to Marseille then to Uzes. We so wish to return to a place which satisfies all our needs, history, food, wine, beautiful scenery. We would love to meet you when we return.

    • Yes, I’m very anxious to return. I’m renting in Uzés and had just gotten settled in a new place. I’m so sad not to be there to enjoy it, especially in the Spring. Hoping to get an “all clear” signal that makes me feel safe to return. I know Property Shares and have friends who have purchased from them. There’s might be for sale. Should I ask?

  2. Hey Debbie,

    You absolutely have to return to Uzes! It wouldn’t be Uzes without you! Linda and I can’t wait until we see you over there some time soon. Until then, stay healthy and safe.

    Linda & Rob

    • When do you think we can ever return? Let me know when you’re going. Maybe we can fly together! Stay safe and well♥️ I think of you often. ♥️

  3. I live in France and currently it is not the world we know and love, I also am looking forward to it coming back to life but I think this year is going to be very different for us all. I am keeping busy by upholstering everything in sight and my hubby and I are building our much wanted courtyard garden using recycled materials wherever we can, staying positive is the hardest right now, take care everyone ♥️♥️♥️

    • I’m so glad to hear from you! Please keep me posted about your life in France today. I miss it so much that it’s beginning to feel like it was all a dream. Be happy for your boulangerie! Oh, what I’d give for a baguette and a croissant♥️🇫🇷Thank you♥️

      • Hopefully 11 May seems to be a date some confinement will be eased. I am currently making children’s fabric masks for our department. Apparently everyone will be given one. Watch this space for news. It is my mum and sisters birthday on 7 may here in France, they live à mile away. Trying to work out how to help them enjoy their day. They have been at home since March 17. Stay safe, I am sure you will be back in France soon xx

        • Thank you for the update. It does seem like there’s some motion towards people returning. Please keeps me posted. I really appreciate it… also interested in the birthday plans🇫🇷🌈

    • Thank you, Carolyne. There are thousands of photos and memories to share. Now there’s some time to put them together. Hope you’re somewhere safe and staying well until we can meet again in France!

  4. Mahalo for the photo ‘fix’. Had been planning a trip for May, but…..perhaps September, now!



    • September, I think, should be a great time… for photos in France, for sure. Let’s keep staying safe so it can happen!

    • I know you do! You must really miss Troc … and they miss you. Can’t wait to jump in the car and go on our next road trip!

  5. Love it. I so understand. We spent the first two weeks of March in France, settling on the place we were going to move to in July. We arrived at JFK on 12 March expecting to sign the lease and start getting ready. BUT, as you know, everything came to a screeching halt and chaos the next day. And of course part of that is visas. So we wait, our target date now is first week of November, hoping things open up by then. thanks for the pictures to keep us all enthused.

    • Oh Terry, what a heartbreak! Surely some good will come from this. Now you can plan for all the traveling you want to do in France after you get there. When the coast is clear, perhaps we’ll appreciate the expat life even more. Best wishes and keep in touch!

  6. I sure everyone miss you too, I just admire you were able to reinvent yourself in a new country and culture. Admire you were so brave and confident to do all you have done – alone. Because you have a talent for photography, writing and the energy and curiosity of a youngster hundreds or maybe thousands have traveled with you to places in history, arts and culture in the South of France. You are a real inspiration to all of us who are retired and dream of new beginnings. Get back there and take us with you !

    • Oh my! Blush! Thank you for being such a cheerleader, John. I’m glad there are others who find the disjointed journey I’m taking in this part of life worth their time. You’re exactly right. I’m obsessed with journaling, photography — although very amateurish — and an insatiable curiosity. So glad to have you along …

  7. How I empathise! We should have been back in Castelnaudary in April, having left in November but I’m happy to have youngest son at home with us. Stay safe.

    • It’ll be hard to leave France again once we return. Living in two worlds definitely has its ups and downs. A long stay in France is on my list next. Keep in touch about your plans. Thanks for the note❤️

  8. Thanks, Debbie
    Your pics remind me how lucky we are to live here and to have so many lovely friends.
    Hats off to you for the a wonderful job you’re doing as Mom, Mom-in-law and Grandma with family in Atlanta.
    Haste ye back and meanwhile, stay safe and well.
    Sending love and a big virtual hug… Judith xx

    • Hug accepted and back at ya! I wanted to cry looking at some of the photos. I for one will never take it for granted again. Talk soon…

  9. I loved your photos! I can sense your longing to be back in Uzes. Who wouldn’t? Look at the food and the scenery!! It makes me want to retire sooner, pack my bags, and leave the US. Oh yeah, we can’t right now. : ) May the world become a safer place to travel very soon. Thanks for sharing and the update.

    • Thanks, Lynn. I can’t seem to hold back when I think about how different and enjoyable life is in France. Traveling, too. I’m hoping we’ll appreciate it even more. Stay safe!

  10. Thank you for the beautiful photographs, and particularly, for the reminder of a beautiful, normal life that we all want a chance to experience again once this dreadful coronavirus epidemic is behind us.

    • It was good for me to go back through some of my favorite photos and memories. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I get back. Will keep you posted!

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