Around France

A Taste of Barcelona

My recent return to France and a taste of Barcelona was a walk through memory lane. Almost exactly, eight years ago, I stopped over in Barcelona before beginning my new life in Uzès.

While passing through Barcelona this time, food was at the top of my list of to-dos. Of course! 

Favorite Drinks

Local Foods

Food Market 

La Boqueria is the city food market that makes you hungry just passing through. Located in the center of the city, you enter the market from La Rambia. 

Friends, New & Old

Traveling with a Pet

Taking my newly adopted, eleven-year-old, five-kilos, mini Yorkie Fannie to the US and back was quite a feat.



If you followed our adventures on BarefootBlogger on FaceBook or BarefootBlogger_FR on Instagram, you know Fannie had a great time in the Carolinas and Georgia, from the mountains to the sea.

Traveling internationally with a dog had its hurdles, which I’ll get into on a “Fannie’s Travels” post. Bottom line, I loved the challenge of having her along with me.

Dog-friendly places

More about Spain?

Let’s Eat the World? Start in Seville

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  1. I so enjoyed your fantasy day in Paris…. wouldn’t we all love a day like that.? And, as always…. I love the pics that you post. Enjoy being “Home”

    • Still on the dream visit. I needed this! And agree. We need days like this. Whatever your dream. Thank you, Donna👍

  2. Hi Deborah, I always look forward to your posts. Your beautiful pictures distinguish it from so many other blogs. Love the pic of you carrying Fannie on your back in the airport. I had a Yorkie for 16 years that I absolutely adored. I can imagine the joy that Fannie brings you.

    • Fannie is filling a void in my life I didn’t know existed. As an older adopted pet, she is becoming more accustomed to me and to traveling. It’s a challenge for us both, but great rewards with the love she shows. I know you miss your Yorkie. Thank you for your kind note. I hope you continue to enjoy this journey we are on.

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