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An Autumn Week South of France

Autumn Week South of France

How do you spend an autumn week in the south of France? Visiting beaux villages, going to brocante stores and outdoor markets, dining with friends, and eating great food. That’s how!

Have I told you lately how much I love France? After a few stressful months in the States, I looked forward to returning to France. Most of all, I yearned to be here because autumn is my favorite season. There’s something about autumn that makes France look more beautiful to me. I’m sure it’s the colors. The browns and beige, golds and burnt orange. They trim every tree and grapevine. They blend with aged stones on buildings and ancient streets.  Crystal blue skies highlight the outlines of steeples and towers. It’s truly a glorious time.

Favorite things on an autumn week south of France


This past week, I did some of my favorite things, including browsing through brocante stores and markets. A great find at an out-of-the-way store in Uzes was discovering a panetiere — a decorative “breadbox” introduced in the 18th century in the south of France to keep bread safe from children and pets. I sadly admit I left it behind. Remember, I’m done with collecting “stuff”!

Just as interesting but less compelling were the old wheelchairs. Apparently, they were not freewheeling. It took two people to operate one of these ancient chairs.  One pushed from behind while the person in the chair steered.

Wining and dining with friends while eating some of the best ever foods.

Exploring towns and villages

I’ve promised to try to visit as many of the designated Beaux Villages de France. There are hundreds of them, but if I start now ….

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Then there are the villages next door that are just as charming …

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Favorite things to do on an autumn week south of France 

Discovering hidden Roman ruins

Just outside Uzès, the remains of a Roman bridge still stand. The two thousand-year-old structure spans the creek bed between two large fields. Wear from wagon wheels dragging heavy loads across the bridge is a reminder of early civilizations that lived and toiled on this very spot.


Checking out seasonal foods and merchandise at the Uzès Saturday Market — yes, that’s a must!

But the best thing about autumn in France is being in my little tower apartment. Just me, the white pottery cat, and a mouse.


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  1. Hi Deborah,

    Always glad to get new blog posts from you. As I promised, we will be in Nîmes (our future home) soon. Will visit Uzès on a Wednesday to shop and then lunch at Café AUST with some friends. Sent you an email with details.

    Ron and Suzanne

  2. So nice to see all the wonderful pictures of the place where we live. My prince and I have never had a moment’s regret about moving to the South of France, and I love the markets, the houses, the villages, and all the things to do. The twice-yearly Grand Brocante in Pézenas is fabulous, and I love taking pictures of the funky things you can find there. I know it is not “proper” blog protocol to give a link to your own blog, but if you want to see some pictures of the fun things I’ve seen at the Brocante in Pézenas, have a look here: Viva la France 😉

    • So glad to hear from you, “Miss Footloose” and happy to know about the Grande Brocante in Pèzanas. I’ll definitely put it on my to-do list. Thanks for the link. So happy you, too, are loving life in France.

  3. Deborah just another great blog. This one is special because it gives a great all around view of different things in the South of France with great emphasis on the Brocante sales. The food pictures were wonderful and the relaxing lunch or dinner scene was very inviting and sorry we could not participate with you and see Collette once again but she is now living the life of calm and rest.

    • Thanks, Rich. I appreciate your comments always. You know how amazing autumn is here. Just wish you’d stay year-round.

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